Photo Comp Winners Announced

The results of the Valentine’s Photo Competition are in!

Our independent judge, Denise Smith, has studied all the entries and made her final deliberations which we can announce here complete with her comments about the photos.

Congratulations go to the overall winners – George & Geraldine Homewood with their loved-up picture of their MGB roadster in the snow. If we had a prize or trophy it would be winging its way to them now!

Thank you to all those who took part in this light-hearted Valentine’s competition.

The complete roll of honour is as follows:-

1st Place

George & Geraldine Homewood

It’s the colours in this image that make it so good – blue and red offer great contrast on the white background. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to dress the car up to show how they feel; a great deal of love going on here.

2nd Place

John Morgan

A thoroughly understated image, this is all about the car. It fills the frame so there are no distractions. In addition, the wording in the banner, together with its adoring owner makes the “love” element edgy with a hint of danger!”

3rd Place

Jon Glover

This is a great close up, pulled tightly in so there’s no distraction from outside elements. This also gives equal billing to both car and person. Having a limited colour range works really well (red car and jumper).”


Well done to our top three winners….but Denise didn’t stop there and chose two more “Highly Commended” pictures ……

Highly Commended

John Bennett

“Simple, yet thoughtful. Great verse, but how on earth did you get such a perfect heart?”

Highly Commended

Jamie Blair

“I just loved the sense of humour of this – the saucy verse and lifting of the “skirt”. Such a great idea.”

You can view all the entries in our gallery on the competition page here:-

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