Anthony Reid, Tim Morris & Jonathan Suckling after the first talk

Apart from the hundreds of MGs what else went on over the weekend?

Naturally, the MGs were the focus of the Centenary weekend but there were other things going on as well.

For instance on Saturday afternoon at The Fairmile apart from the hot & Cold Buffet and MG display  “Magic Marco” wandered around performing amazing feats of close up magic. Whilst Marco confounded the MG owners and passengers the Jake Fryer Duo Jazz Duo created the right atmosphere playing smooth jazz on the show field. To round things off on Saturday the MGCC President John Day talked about 100 years of MG and his own personal MG experience.

On Sunday the whole of Brooklands Museum was open including all their incredible exhibits – cars, motorbikes, pedal cycles and aircraft including Concorde. There were pop-up food outlets, coffee shops as well as the Museum’s own cafe to keep you fed.

In the Napier Room we hosted feature speakers during the day including:-

Jonathan Suckling / Anthony Reid – Jonathan is the owner of the MG ZTT X15 record-breaking car and previous owner of the MG EXF speed car. He put MG record breaking in perspective and talked about his own experience on the Bonneville salt. He was joined by former West Surrey racing and MG BTCC driver Anthony Reid who spoke about driving the MG ZS in the BTCC and the MG Lola at Le Mans as well as other racing experiences.

John Mayhead – John has just published the definitive biography of Goldie Gardner. Goldie was no stranger to the Brooklands track and John also brought Goldie’s MG TC along too which was parked at the bottom of the Napier Room steps. He also brought a C-Tyope Montlhery Midget with him which had a Brooklands pedigree and had just returned from the Montlhery Centenary celebration. 

Music – The NewMugs ukulele group popped up during the day around the Museum and Bob Webb played tunes on the saxophone from the Clubhouse Balcony.


Pull an MG – a fun competition towing an MG Midget along the Brooklands track for 100 feet – see separate page for results

MG100 Quiz – a hundred questions about MG and/or Brooklands – The quiz came in every+entry goodie bag. The winner was Marc Hanson with 74 points and a close run second was Colin Nicholson with 72 points. Well done to all those taking part.

MG Puzzle – a large MG octagon cut into pieces  – the challenge was to put it back together again in the fastest time The winner was 11yr old Avrora who completed the puzzle in 1min52secs and the runner-up was 13yur old Jorja at 2mins07secs – a close result!


John Day in the Marquee on Saturday
Magic Marco Mystifying at The Fairmile
Contents of the “Goodie Bag”
The Fairmile team pulling an MG
Anthony Reid and Jonathan Suckling in full flow talking about Record breaking
John Mayhead talking about Goldie Garnder
The New MuGs in action by the Campbell Shed
The Jake Fryer Duo on Saturday