Google Hunt

As the Spring Naviscat which was scheduled for the 28th March has now been postponed we thought we would fill your Sunday morning with a fun Google treasure hunt instead!

This is the second such hunt for the South East Centre. In the first we went for a wander around Dorking and in this latest we go for a March around Merstham. Parking your virtual MG in Merstham station car park we’ll head off into the village on a circular route trying to find the answers to a series of clues as we go.

All you need to do is be able to navigate using Google Maps Streetview. It probably won’t work on any other mapping system as the hunt was created in Google Maps! It’s generally best to do it on a larger screen, so a laptop or PC is best. You might struggle on a phone screen!

The clues are sent out just before everyone assembles to take up the challenge at 11am on Sunday 28th March.

To take part just email Tim at [email protected] 


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