MG100SE Church Square Autos Test Hill Runs

The Bellevue Special tackles Test Hill


The Test Hill is an essential part of the Brooklands experience and at MG100SE nearly 70 drivers got the chance to test their MGs and tackle the hill.

Once Brooklands was established as a motor circuit in 1907 it was soon apparent that it was a great place for early motor manufacturers to test the limits of their new cars. In 1909 part of the Members Hill was converted and a concrete track laid up the side of it – rising from 1:8 at the bottom to 1:4 at the top. The aim was to test the power of the car’s engine as it went up the hill and then to test the efficiency of its brakes as it descended.

At MG100SE we went in one direction – upwards!

The Paddy Hopkirk Le Mans MGB ex-Barry Sidery Smith lines up at the bottom of Test Hill

 There was a wide variety of MGs lining up to go up the Test Hill with two sessions in the morning and afternoon. Everything from the more recent MG HS PHEV to the much older MGs. Cars of note included the MG NA Bellevue Special built by the Evans family and raced at Brooklands by Doreen Evans, the MGB Marathon car built and driven by Tom Boyce and Jean Denton and many more.


Test Hill looking back to the Clubhouse