MG100SE Church Square Autos Test Hill Runs


The Test Hill is an essential part of the Brooklands experience and today any MG owner will get the chance to drive the hill.

Once Brooklands was established as a motor circuit in 1907 it was soon apparent that it was a great place for early motor manufacturers to test the limits of their new cars. In 1909 part of the Members Hill was converted and a concrete track laid up the side of it – rising from 1:8 at the bottom to 1:4 at the top. The aim was to test the power of the car’s engine as it went up the hill and then to test the efficiency of its brakes as it descended.

At MG100SE we will only be going in one direction – upwards!

You can drive your MG to the top of the hill and back along the famous banking. There will be a morning and afternoon session and each MG will have a minimum of two runs. 

The runs cost £5 per car (plus booking fees) and you will need to book from the MG100SE Tickets page. You will also need a Brooklands entry ticket.

A full driving licence is required and there will be a briefing and sign-on for the driver and any passengers.