Summer BBQ – Showers & Winners

Chairman Tim Morris presents John Langford with the car of the show rosette

The first weekend of July saw mixed weather with some heavy showers and bright sunshine alternating. That didn’t put off over 30 MGCCSE MGs descending on a field in the middle of the Kent countryside for the re-activated summer BBQ and PoO event. This event had been put on hold for several years but with the brighter post Covid climate it was decided to try the event once again.

The location was The Kentish Horse pub in Mark Beech, a tiny village near Edenbridge with easy access from Kent, Surrey and Sussex. A handy field at the back of the car park saw the MGs line up in date classes – Pre 56, 56-80, post 80 and Premier PoO. There was a good selection of MGs representing each class but surprisingly perhaps no pre-war entries. There were four 1950s MGTFs and an increasingly rare MG Maestro, a nice selection of MGFs and TFs right up to the latest MG4 EV. Six  MGCs held the flag for the model winning the top three slots in their class, and several MGBS, but no MGAs, again surprisingly. 

The PoO was self judging and you had to mark your class fellows to enter the competition yourself. If you did not hand your marking sheet in then you ended up with nil points yourself!

Before the judging and dodging the showers the pub put on a barbecue which was enjoyed by all those there and the provision of a large marquee provided more than adequate shelter from those showers.

As the sheets came in, the points were tallied by John & Jenny and the winners announced just after 4pm. The Chairman, Tim Morris, handed out the rosettes and everyone managed to get back home for the second half of the Euros quarter finals which England won on penalties! A winning day all round and congratulations to our winners below.:

Car of the Show – John Langford – MG Magnette Mk4

Premier class Winner – Karl Foot -MG RV8

Pre 1956 Winner – Roger Gasson – MG ZA

Pre 1956 Runner-Up – Ian McCulloch – MG TF

56-80 Winner – Jon Glover – MGC GT

56-80 Runner-Up – Chris Noulton – MGC GT

56-80 Third – Mick Breare – MGC GT

Post 1980 Winner – David Koskela – MGTF LE500 (Prototype)

Post 1980 Runner-Up – Andrew Mitchell – MGF 


You can find the full results by pressing the button below:-


John Langford with the car of the show

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