Alternative PoO – are you ready?

This year’s Alternative Pride of Ownership competition gets under way on Monday 19th June at The Spotsman pub in Mogador from 7pm. This will be followed by a lunchtime round at the Surrey Oaks pub in Newdigate on Saturday 24th June from 12.30. The Grand Finale and MGCC open evening will be at The Fairmile in Cobham (Surrey) on Thursday  13th July from 6.30pm.

What’s it all about then? Well, it is a fun “condition” competition that doesn’t necessarily;y mean you need the shiniest car as there are different categories to enter. Each entrant is also a judge and chooses their favourite car in each category and a “car of the show! at each round. Our independent adjudicator  (John Morgan) then adds up all the points with a weighting for how many cars are entered in each category and by the time we get to the Faimile we have the winners!

The categories are:-

Best All Rounder – As it says on the tin – a general category for a car that is used often but not all the time!

Best Restored – A car that has been restored at some point

Most Used – A car that if frequently used and will not be the shiniest!

No booking necessary – just turn up, find Mr Morgan, register your entry, collect your voting slip and get voting

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