Hunt The Valentine

This year’s event was organised by the Epsom MGOC in conjunction with the MG Car Club SE Centre to which their members were invited. It attracted a good entry
on a very pleasant day.

The competition was extremely close once again this year. Leading results were as follows:-

  • Mick and Helen Loynes 33 points (1st Epsom)
  • Fred and Angie Vickers 31 points (1st MGCC)
  • David and Sue Cornwell 29 points (2nd Epsom)
  • Ray and Joyce Reeves 29 points (Epsom)
  • Dave Chapman/Terry Smith 29 points (Epsom)
  • Malcolm and Marlene Childs 28 points (Epsom)
  • Derek and Fiona Dowle 28 points (Epsom)
  • Nigel and Miranda Smith 28 points (2nd MGCC)
  • Ian and Jan Brice 27 points (Epsom)
  • Tony and Shirley Bryant 27 points (Epsom)
  • Steve and Denise Cherry 27 points (MGCC)
  • Chris and Janice Leigh 26 points (MGCC)
  • Les and Frances Hudson 24 points (Epsom)
  • Tony and Sally Simmonds 24 points (Epsom)
  • Peter and Diana Calvert 23 points (MGCC)
  • Colin and Pauline Reynolds 22 points (MGCC)
  • Peter and Sue Steele 22 points (Epsom)
  • Nigel Taylor 21 points (Epsom)
  • Ian and Justine Robinson 20 points (MGCC)


Congratulations to everyone who participated on this bright and sunny day. The food and drink was as good as ever at The Plough and certainly raised everyone’s spirits.
I hope you all look forward to taking part next year.

Derek Edwards

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