Fairmile Table Top Rally

There were five teams. Peter Haynes and Maria Chaborel came first having come last, last year! Rosemary Bayne-Powell came second and Michael and Penny Masheder came third. The winners took home a bottle of wine.

It was two sessions and all based on the OS 187 map. A torch and magnifying glass proved essential as the pub lighting was poor. The hardest sections were compass bearings and all but Rosemary gave up. Each section was timed and it got easier as we got the hang of it.

Hopefully we can repeat it next year and encourage a few more people to participate. It was an ideal evening for partners to join in.

It was an enjoyable night and we welcomed new members the Robertsons to our fold with their blue TC. Philip Bayne Powell did a good job of organising it and keeping it secret from Rosemary!

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