Kent Autotest Taster

Autotesting at Brooklands

Join the SE Centre and the Maidstone & Mid-Kent Motor Club for a “taster”  autotest on Sunday 8th May. It takes place in a flat field adjacent to the venue used for their Motor Trials.  The day is aimed at anyone interested in having a go at an autotest – from a complete novice to someone that just needs some practice. Each test is only timed for guidance and MMKMC members can offer guidance on how to take part and techniques.

The event’s supplementary regulations can be seen here – Click here for Event Regs. You can enter online via their website by clicking the button below.

You can enter your MG as long as it is standard specification or only modified with recognised tuning mods, otherwise you could enter using the shopping car small hatchback. The only requirement is that you will need a Motorsport UK RS Clubman license available free online – HERE

This is a good opportunity to have a go at entering some driving tests and see what these events are all about. They even have a production car class that allows passenger and driver, (normal competitive events are driver only) and teenagers over 14 can also enter these events as long as they can competently control the car.

If you want to see what autotesting is all about then check out this video from the Malvern MG & Triumph Show last year on our YouTube site – Click for Malvern Autotesting.

If you would like any more information contact John Morgan at [email protected].   

MMKMC website for more information is

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