Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in 2009

The MGCCSE express their condolences and sadness at the death of Prince Philip. 

We remember the occasion in April 2009 when he took the salute in the courtyard of Windsor Castle as a line of MGs paraded before him at the Royal Windsor MG Heritage Festival. It was a memorable occasion and not only did he watch all the MGs drive by but he walked around the show as well showing interest in the cars. No doubt he was remembering his own time as a driver of a sporty MGTC in which he would roar into the grounds of Buckingham Palace to visit a young Princess Elizabeth. Like most things in his life Prince Philip drove with gusto to which Princess Elizabeth remarked that he does drive too fast sometimes! 

That event was attended by many MGCCSE members and one of the drive ins to the event was organised by the Centre. It was a very memorable event and marked by a special grille badge, which can still be seen on the front of many SE MGs (including mine!).

The event was also used as the launch of the MG TF 85th Anniversary MG Motor UK displayed this car with a new TF135 and, appropriately, the unique Queen’s Golden Jubilee MGTF. 

Prince Philip lived a unique and remarkable life spent almost entirely in the tireless support and service of his Queen and country.


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