The MG Car Club is a club run by members for members but it also has a small limited company, a handful of permanent staff, and a headquarters in Abingdon.

Earlier this year there was a disagreement amongst the Executive Committee over a Covid staffing issue and half of the Directors resigned as a result.

Following a recent club Council Meeting called by the requisite number of CRBs, a vote of no-confidence was passed in the remaining Executive Committee despite the South East Centre and other CRBs expressing the need for a more cautious approach.

On the 7th April most of the remaining Executive Committee also resigned leaving only one director in post. They did this with the expressed intention of avoiding an unnecessary split being created within the club itself.

The current situation now needs to be resolved in the normal fashion by means of an Extraordinary General Meeting. 

The South East Centre is still of the opinion that the EGM called for 17th April may not be legitimate due to the provisions of “Article 79” which requires ALL MGCC members to be notified of the meeting by Safety Fast or direct communication in writing.  Many members do not have access to the internet or emails and a very large percentage of members rely on either Safety Fast or written/postal communications.

The South East Centre recognises that correctly complying with Article 79 has proved very difficult and it understands that recent events may not have left any alternative but for the meeting to proceed.  The South East Centre intends to attend this meeting on 17th April but will make a point of abstaining from voting.

The South East Committee will at all times do their best to support only actions that are in our members’ best interests.

MGCC South East Chairman, Chris Leigh 11/4/21

An EGM has been called for Saturday 17th April by the seven CRBs proposing the original motion and you can find the links to the meeting and more information from those CRBs below:-

210311-general-meeting-call-notice.pdf (

General information about the meeting here:-

Meetings information, MG Car Club (



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