Google Hunt Results

The hunters after the hunt

The second MGCCSE Google Hunt took place on Sunday 28th March and the results are now in….as they say on popular television. In reverse order in third place was………..Mark Galbraith. In second place were……. Gerry & Christine Edwards and the winners were………………… Faz & Oli Kirkpatrick.

Well done to Faz & Oli who came away with 21 out of a possible 27 points.

The hunt itself took place in Merstham, a location that has seen actual walking treasure hunts in the annals of the South East Centre. This was done virtually, however, with the only skill needed – a knowledge of how to walk on screen using Google Streetview and its various abilities including how to time hop and view the details of premises. 

All you had to do then was follow the instructions for directions and use Streetview to march around Merstham solving each of the 27 clues as you go by looking around at the shops, houses, vehicles and street furniture. Some involved hopping into a time machine and heading back a few years, an interesting feature of Streetview. Some of the answers are in the picture below. See if you can spot the answer to “This lorry almost makes a good sandwich?” to give some idea of the types of clues and answers!

The full results and finishing positions were as follows:-

    Points Placing
Kirkpatrick Faz & Oli 21 1
Edwards Gerry & Christine 18 2
Galbraith Mark 17 3
Gray Paul & Donna 16 4=
Bridgman Paul 16 4=
Lemon Alex 15 6
Leigh Chris & Janice 13 7
Wooster Wendy 10 8
Chittenden Mike 9 9
Morgan John & Jenny 9 10
Bayne Powell Philip & Rosemary 7 11
The answers to some of the 27 clues

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