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The final round took place at The Pheasant, Buckland. A total of 33 cars were entered across the three rounds with a dedicated core of members supporting all three events. After the disappointing weather for the Fairmile June meeting leading to the postponement of round 1, the event kicked off in July with fabulous summer weather and this continued for all three rounds.

The scores from all three events were computed and Dave Naylor won the overall trophy with an impressive score of 55. Runner up was last year’s winner, Peter Thomas with his lovely 1969/70 MGBGT with a score of 38. The overall award is the only one that has an annual trophy. 

The Fairmile Natter had the largest entry at 27 cars with an impressive array from MMM modern MGTF, MGA Twin Cam and MGB V8s. Overall car of the show was Bob Zanneti with his lovely MGA Twin Cam and class winners were Peter Thomas Best Restored, Gordon Stanley Best All Rounder and Dave Naylor Most Used.

The second round at the Surrey Oaks Newdigate attracted 11 entries at this lovely country pub. Dave Naylor with his L2 won overall and class winners were Peter Thomas Best Restored, Peter Gray Best All Rounder and Chris Goscomb Most Used.

The final round at The Pheasant saw Steve Fletcher with his lovely MGC narrowly win the car of the show from Tony Atcheson’s MGBV8 roadster. Peter Thomas won Best Restored closely challenged by Steve Arthur’s MGB. Les Hudson’s modern MGTF won Best All Rounder and as ever, Dave Naylor’s L2 captured the votes for Most Used.

The intention for the Alternative PoO was originally to provide classes for cars having a condition across the broad spectrum from ‘well used scruffy everyday’ to ‘restored’. These days it is rare to see MGs being used for commuting, etc. and it has become more difficult to categorise entrants. It does still provide an entertaining opportunity for member’s to bring their cars to a natter meeting and the chance of winning a rosette for cars that would not normally be entered in a PoO. Any suggestions from members would be welcome, but it needs to be simple and able to cater for a widely varying entry. As always it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Whilst this event is currently centred around Surrey, the SE Centre is very keen to see similar events organised by Natters in Kent or Sussex

– John Morgan

Round 1 Gallery

Round 2 Gallery

Round 3 Gallery

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