MG Summer Gathering 2015

MG Summer Gathering 2015
Horsepower -V- Horse Power
Fishbourne Roman Palace

Cars Horses and Ancient Romans

Results Below Pictures


Car of the Show:- Richard Thorpe ZR

Concours:- 1st Nigel Scutt MGTF

2nd Helen Scutt MGTF spark

3rd Graham Arden MGA

Pride of Ownership

1st Bob Chuter MGB

2nd Dan Booker MGC

3rd Paul Marsh TD

4th Ian McCullock TF

5th Tony Simmonds MGCGT

6th Peter Mace ZB

7th Ray Fisher MGB

8th Ian Robinson TC

9th Jon Glover MGCGT

10th David Grainger Midget

11th Howard Rankin TD

(Note:- 14 cars entered, but either didn’t submit their voting forms or where incorrectly parked, so don’t appear in the results)


Five teams of horse drawn carriages and MGs took part

1st Team Atticus with Ian Robinson (MGA)

2nd Team Claudius with Peter Lamb (MGB)

3rd Team Trojan with Trevor Mason (MGBGT)

4th Team Pegasus with Martyn Phillis (MGBGT V8)

5th Team Tiiberius with Brian McCorquadale (MGC)

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