Valentines Treasure Hunt – 16th February 2014

This year’s event was organised by the Epsom MGOC in conjunction with the MG Car Club SE Centre to which their members were invited. It attracted a good entry on a very pleasant sunny day. Despite the heavy rain and storms of the previous days entrants managed to avoid fallen trees and flooding and complete the treasure hunt.

The competition was extremely close once again this year. Leading results were as follows:-

Fred and Angie Vickers 28 points (1st MGCC)
Malcolm and Marlene Childs 27 points (1st Epsom)
Peter and Diana Calvert 22 points (2nd MGCC)
Peter and Judith Bevans 19 points (2nd Epsom)
Richard and Jane Withers 18 points
Pat and Kevin Watson 18 points
Dave Chapman/Terry Smith 17 points
Nigel Taylor/John Chapman 17 points
Rob and Sue Alexander 16 points
Les and Frances Hudson 15 points
Chris and Janice Leigh 15 points
Colin and Pauline Reynolds 14 points
Stuart Manser and Harriet Watley 13 points
Trevor and Chris Mason 13 points


Congratulations to everyone who participated on this bright and sunny day. The food and drink was as good as ever at The Plough and certainly raised everyone’s spirits.

I hope you all look forward to taking part next year.

Derek Edwards


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