Pinner Natter visit to MG Longbridge – 9th January 2014

Organised by the Pinner Natter

On Thursday 9th January four members of the Pinner Natter visited MG Longbridge to have a good look at the new MG3. One of the members (i.e. me!) wanted to order one and another member was very interested. We were made very welcome and had the opportunity to have a good look at all of the models available as well as the different colours, trim and wheel options and personalisation options. All of the MG staff were exceptionally helpful and answered a large number of questions. After viewing we were given an opportunity to test drive the car and we were all suitably impressed. As a result one MG3 was ordered with the probability of another following shortly.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a 2 hour tour of the historical part of Longbridge, a visit to the factory and a look at the Design Studio where all of the MG models are initiated. It was interesting to see the mock-up of a car which looked very similar to the MG5!

All in all a superb day out and one that is recommended to all MGCC members. If you go on a Thursday you can go on the factory tour as well.

By Gerry Edwards
Pinner Natter


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