MCCSE Committee 2023/4

Most of the 2023/4 committee l to r – Austin Banner, Andrew Mitchell, Ron Kemp, Diana Calvert, Tim Morris (Chairman), John Mogan, Ian Russell, Peter Begbey

At the MGCCSE AGM held in February, the new committee for 2023/4 was approved and we welcomed one new member – Peter Begbey, who joins us as a third spoke to our Events Team wheel. The remaining committee stays as it was last year.

The committee steers the South East Centre via monthly meetings to arrange events and shows; handles publicity through Safety Fast, social media, emails, quarterly newsletter, and this website; links into the main MG Car Club as members of the MGCC council; links into local and national motor clubs such as MotorsportUK to keep abreast of the national classic car and competition scene; helps the natter and wanderer groups through providing advice, advertising, main club insurance and a regular forum to discuss any issues that may arise; runs a shop to sell branded clothing etc; runs competition such as the Autosolo and Naviscats. 

That should give some idea of the breadth of responsibilities the committee has – but it’s good fun as well and all members of it volunteer on behalf of the club to bring you a great MG experience in the South East. 

The MGCCSE committee 2023/4

President Derek Edwards
Chairman/webmaster Tim Morris
Vice-Chair / Competitions John Morgan
Secretary Austin Banner
Treasurer Ron Kemp
Events Andrew Mitchell
Events Peter Begbey
Archive/Trophies John & Gwen Davies
Membership Diana Calvert
Natter & Wanderer Groups Ian Russell
Shop Alex Lemon
The new sail flag at St Nicholas Youth Centre in Godstone for the AGM

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