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The Centre’s fun Pride of Ownership competition kicks off on the 20th June with a second-round a few days later on the 9th July. The final round will be combined with an open evening at the Fairmile Pub in Cobham, Surrey on the 14th July (See separate post).

What is it?

The PoO is an informal competition and no pre-booking is necessary – just turn up at the pub. Points are awarded in various classes from each of the rounds so, if you can, it’s best to attend all three however a star entry with one appearance could still clinch it! You won’t know until you take part!.

Classes are Most Used MG, Best Restored MG and Best All Rounder. Votes will also be taken for the car of the show at each round. 

Scoring for the overall trophy – 1 point is awarded for class vote; 1 point is awarded for number of entrants in class as a bonus; 1 point for each car of the show vote


Round One takes place on Monday 20th June from 7pm at the Sportsman Pub in Mogador

Round two takes place at the Surrey Oaks pub in Newdigate on Saturday 9th July – please note that this is a lunchtime event.

Round three takes place at The Fairmile pub in Cobham, Surrey from 6.30pm on Thursday 14th July.


Any queries regarding the PoO please email John Morgan – [email protected] 


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