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MGs queueing to get in to Brooklands brought back memories of old times pre-covid

The MGCCSE were back at Brooklands again for a meet organised by the Fairmile Natter. It was great to see around 50 MGs turn up in this gloriously hot day. The club were parked at the top of the Finishing Straight and spread on to the Banking underneath Members’ Bridge, which provided a welcome amount of shade for those post 1980 MGs lucky enough to be under it. It was one of those days when it was just fantastic to be there, to be anywhere really in these Covid times with MG friends. 

The Centre were joined by the Vintage Register who fielded around 10 cars who were parked outside the Paddock, so as not to disturb the plastic grass and empty deckchairs inside. Their number included a rare 18/100 “Tigress” and 14/40. The Register was also blessed to host the MGCC President John Day who had come down with them for a day at Brooklands.

The third club invited to join us for the day was Waterloo Classics. Based in Waterloo, London they are a group of owners of disparate classics including Jaguars, mustangs, caterhams, Morgans plus a very fine 1959 Corvette which sunded glorious roaring up the Finishing Straight.

Amongst the MGCCSE bunch could be found the SE MGF Register with one of their number sporting a rare monogram Spectre model TF and a 1996 MGF which the local owner had purchased from new 25 years ago. There were some Zed cars from the local MG Xpower group plus plenty of MGBs and As and T Types. Pat Moss’s MGA in which she took part in the 1956 Rallye Alpes put in a spirited circuit of the Finishing Straight whilst a more sedate but splendid MG Magnette Farina perambulated more serenely.

The event was sold out under the Brooklands Museum Covid restrictions but we look forward to the day when we can fill the old track up again with our MGs – as there was plenty of space to expand into!

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