Alternative PoO in July

The MGCCSE Alternative Pride of Ownership competition is back again for 2021. Members will know that it is  a fun competition and a great way to meet up with some members you may not normally do so as well as admiring lots of nice MGs!

For any new members, the Alternative Pride of Ownership  is simply an informal competition for car condition.

The more serious events are called concours where the car owner goes to the nth degree to polish/clean the car for judging. For those less competitive members and to allow more standard used cars to take part, Pride of Ownership or PoO was introduced as a separate competition.

Our Alternative PoO is only meant to be a bit of fun and an excuse to get the car out to some of the local meetings as well as meet other members. It is not a serious competition and the voting is undertaken by the members present. There are three classes:-

Most Used: for the everyday car and the vote going to the scruffiest!

Best all Rounder: good condition car used regularly 

Best restored: good condition restoration

There are not any entry fees and should your car receive the most votes, all you will win is a rosette and the pride of having won of course!

The event takes place over three rounds and the scores are accumulated, with the person having the most points overall winning the shield.

The rounds are:-

Round 1: Sunday 4th July from 12:30    Surrey Oaks, Newdigate, Surrey

Round 2:  Thursday 8th July from 7pm    The Fairmile, Cobham, Surrey

Round 3: Thursday 19th July from 7pm   The Pheasant, Buckland, Surrey

If you have any enquiries then please email John Morgan at [email protected] 

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