Drive it Day Run

Start of the run at Denbies Vineyard

What finer day could have dawned for the first MGCCSE run of the year, bright, crisp and sunny – ideal for a top down drive to the seaside.

Impeccably organised, as you would expect from John Morgan, the run was held with full approval of Motorsport UK and strictly Covid safe. That meant lots of paperwork beforehand, social distancing at the stop and no gathering at the finish. That also meant those taking part were not restricted to a specific gathering and MGs could be found dotted in small car parks along the clifftops to the east of Brighton at the end. Small groups of friends could get together for picnics or on outside benches at local pubs, no more than six though. 

The staggered start at Denbies Vineyeard gave an opportunity to top up with bottles of Surrey Gold before setting off at timed intervals to head into the Surrey Hills. The run itself took place on minor roads all the way through to Rottingdean with just a very brief flirtation with the A27. Dappled sunlight filtered through the trees as their new green canopy began to cover the lanes, bluebells could be spotted in the woods and blossoms still remained in many of the trees. It was a typical spring day and in typical small village fashion we were held to ransom in Warninglid!

Approaching the village the MGs slowed and admired the bunting on the quaint houses lining the roadway, stalls were outside and a rather tall lady swooped down rattling a bucket – all in aid of the St Catherine’s Hospice. Having “paid” our toll the MGs continued on the journey to the coast. It was all in good fun and if any members of the constabulary are reading this, we weren’t really held to ransom – honest

In fact, the main charity of the day was NSPCC Childline and some of the proceeds of the entry fee went to the charity raising over £400.

Having found the correct lane underneath the Jack and Jill windmills and circumnavigated the peak of Ditchling Beacon the MGs arrived in Rottingdean where there was a drive-by – check point (what were you thinking?) Duly ticked off the list and photographed the cars were drawn to the glistening surface of the English Channel.

Picnics on the beach or on the clifftops, ice creams and walks along the prom were the order of the afternoon.

A splendid day out and it was simply great to be out and about once again with the South East Centre after months of  lockdown.


Held to ransom in Warninglid

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