A Letter to Natter and Wanderer Group Leaders

Dear Natter Leaders, Wanderer Group Leaders and committee members.

The timing of our planned General Meeting last night (16th March) was unfortunate in relation to the latest government advice against holding public meetings and visiting public houses.

However, those who attended were our chairman Chris Leigh, treasurer Tony Atcheson and me, secretary.

This constituted the complete group of our registered officers and enabled us to complete the necessary club business and examine the impact of the Corona Virus threat to the club and our members.

The accounts were approved and signed and will be forwarded to main club in the normal fashion.

Chris Leigh showed us the medal and pin badge that he has had made for Derek our President. The pin badge is excellent, but the medal had a significant mistake and is being re-made. I delivered the pin badge to Derek today. He is in good spirits and is pleased with the badge.

In the light of current government guidance and the demographic profile of our members we are as a  result strongly recommending the following.

  • That all natters and wanderers meetings be suspended with immediate effect until further notice.
  • That all SE Centre Events scheduled to at least the end of May be cancelled or postponed.
    • (Since yesterday’s meeting we have been informed by main club that following an announcement by Motorsport UK, all events up to 30th April with a permit or certificate of exemption should be cancelled).
  • That the committee meeting due to take place at the end of the month be cancelled and the club centre run for the time being by the officers using telephonic and electronic means.

The officers will of course be very happy to receive any advice and comments during this period.

This means that in particular

  1. The Spring Lunch is postponed. More details will be provided when they are available.
  2. The Battle of Britain Run should be cancelled or postponed.
  3. The Continental Rally is being postponed, probably until September.
  4. The Spring Gathering should be cancelled or postponed.

The treasurer pointed out that should meetings or events proceed contrary to this advice and as a result incur a financial consequence, the centre would not be in a position to fund that loss.

The officers will keep the situation under review and provide further advice as necessary.

With Kind Regards

Chris Leigh
Tony Atcheson
Austin Banner  

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