Spring Naviscat 2019 Report

Our Spring Naviscat turned out to be a great success, which was very satisfying for the organisers.

We had a total entry of 19 cars, who assembled at the start at the Old Tollgate Hotel/Restaurant in Bramber to sign on and have a coffee and a bacon bap if they felt peckish. We were at bit cramped in the room that we had been given, but soon the clues were handed out and people started plotting in other parts of the hotel.

Of the 19 entries, we had seven from the invited Inter Register Club (IRC), and so 12 MGs were ready to try and beat them this time (We lost out to them on last year’s Autumn Naviscat). The IRC came with classic Rileys, Jowetts, Alvis and Humber to create a fine cross-section of cars.

Most people had plotted the 6-figure map references by 11.30 and so set off to scour the beautiful South Downs countryside to answer the clues at the given locations. The day was almost perfect with quite a strong wind, which was very noticeable on the top of the Downs.

As the 2.30pm deadline approached, there was flurry of contestants returning with their answers. Once they had handed in their answer sheets, they were then able to partake of the three- course buffet lunch, (which they would have pre-ordered) – although some looked after their own lunch needs. The buffet lunch was truly monumental, and some even failed to take advantage of the dessert, being so filled up with the first two courses. We were given a decent sized room for those that were eating the buffet lunch which worked well.

After about an hour the results were announced, but the MGs were beaten again by the Riley of Adrian Ducker. We combined the Pre-55 class with the pre-1995 class, which was won by John and Sally Reay in their TC. Six MGBs competed in Class B, including Richard Dresner in his rare Costello MGB. Class E for all non-MGs had eight entries, with just one non-_IRC entry from Stuart Manser in his Audi A1. It was also nice to see that we had six novices amongst the entries.

Only one car had a small problem, which was Ray Martin in his Humber, that was running out of battery power, but we heard he managed to get back home. Most people were from the southern counties, but one intrepid Riley came all the way from Dorchester-on-Thames.

Everyone seemed to have had a good day, and many e-mails were received by the organisers to this effect. The next Naviscat will be the Autumn Naviscat on 6th October, being organised by Chris and Janice Leigh; so make a note to come along for a great day out.

-Philip Bayne-Powell


Classes A & C Combined

1stJohn & Sally ReayMG TC35 pts
2ndChris & Janice LeighMGA Twin Cam32 pts
3rdSimon & Peter GrayMG YB29 pts
4thIan & Paula RussellMG Z Magnette12 pts

Class B

1stAlexander Lemon & Mike ChittendenMGB GT34 pts
2ndGeorge Homewood & Rose CarrMGB31 pts
3rdBob Lester & Cliff BoultonMGB26 pts
4thPeter & Carole LambMGB16 pts
5thAlex & Corinne MacdonaldMGB15 pts
6thRichard Dresner & Colin MackenzieMGB V8 Costello8 pts

Class E

1stAdrian Ducker & Dan CampRiley Alpine46 pts
2ndBruce & Mathew Girvan1930 Jowett28 pts
3rdJocelyn Martin & Keiran CurtisRiley26 pts
4thRay Martin & D HolmwoodHumber24 pts
=5thStuart Manser & Janice DowneyAudi A122 pts
=5thRichard & Peter StubberfieldAlvis 12/5022 pts
7thIan & Alec RoxburghJowett Javelin13 pts
8thChris & Patsy SmithRiley Adelphi8pts


1stSimon & Peter GrayMG YB29 pts
2ndBruce & Mathew Girvan1930 Jowett28 pts
3rdJocelyn Martin & Keiran CurtisRiley26 pts
4thRay Martin & D HolmwoodHumber24 pts
5thIan & Alec RoxburghJowett Javelin13 pts
6thRichard Dresner & Colin MackenzieMGB V8 Costello8pts

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