Alternate Pride of Ownership

Round One at the Three Horseshoes

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Round One – Results

Round Two at the Star Lingfield

Round One and Two – Results

Round Three and overall Results
at the Fairmile Natter

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Fairmile Natter and achieved an excellent turnout with 35 cars attending including 11 from MGF Register and 19 cars took part in the Alternative PoO.

Third round winners were:

Best Restored – First – Brian McCorquadale with a primrose MGC Roadster

Best All Rounder – First – Ian McCullock TF
Second – John Patman TD

Most Used – First – Dave Kilner TD

Overall Dave Naylor L2

The overall Event Placing over the Three Rounds is as follows:

First – Dave Naylor L2
Second – Ian McCullock TF
Third – Rosemary Bayne Powell NA Allingham
Fourth – Brian McCorquadale MGC
Fifth – Derek Edwards MGA

Round One,Two and Three – Results

Any suggestions for updating event classes would be welcome. At times it is difficult to differentiate between Best Restored and Best All Rounder and numbers entering the Most Use class are relatively small.

28 members entered 30 cars in the event over the three rounds with the Fairmile Natter attracting an additional 16 cars for the display.

John Morgan

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