Spring Naviscat Results

The Results are in!  The Spring Naviscat which took place on the 3rd March was enjoyed by nearly twenty cars and crews on a “nearly” Spring morning in Ockley. Philip & Rosemary Bayne-Powell organised the event which saw a good mixture of MGs, older inter-region cars and some “moderns” too.

The overall winners were Steve and Rowan Thompson in an Alfa Romeo Giulietta with an amazing 38 points. Best MG overall were Mark & Jodie Ashman in an MGTF with 25 points. You can find all the results by clicking the button below:-

Philip Bayne-Powell has written a report on the Naviscat:-

“Our first SE Centre competition took place on Sunday 3rd March. This was the Spring Naviscat, which was brought forward from the cancelled Autumn Naviscat which only had 3 entries. This event was designated a “Starter” event, which means that anyone could enter, even if they did not belong to an MSUK affiliated club. We had also invited the Inter Register Club (IRC), who have helped swell the numbers over the past years, and so enabled us to run this event with more than the minimum entries.

This time we had a respectable entry of 22 cars, although three had to back out due to illness. We started the day at the Inn on the Green at Ockley, where coffee was served, as well the option of Bacon/sausage/egg baps which went down well.  We were located in the conservatory extension at the back of the pub, with individual tables for people to plot the clues. These were given out at 11am and most people took about half an hour to plot the 6-figure map references which gave the locations for the clues where the questions had to be answered. There were 41 questions although only the best 30 answers would be marked.

We had an eclectic mix of entries, which included Vintage Rileys, Humber and classic MGs right up to the modern MGTFs. We also had a class for non-MGs which include an Alfa Romeo, Fiat 500 and Mitsubishi Shogun. Another class was for novices who were new to Scatter Rallies and there were seven entries filling this class.

After three and a half hour the cars had to be back at the pub for the 2.30pm finish with their answers; lateness netted one point for every minute late. The organisers, Philip and Rosemary Bayne-Powell had then to mark up the scores to produce the final results. Meanwhile the pub brought out the food that had to be pre-ordered, as there were 42 people eating. Several friends of the entries came to support their team and joined them for lunch.

The results were announced after most people had finished their lunch. There was a wide range of scores from 5 points to the winning score of 38 achieved by the overall winner, Steve Thompson, in his Alfa Romeo Guilietta. The pre-55 class was amalgamated with the MGB class and the later MG classes were also amalgamated. The separate Inter Register class which catered for any car prior to 1963 had a goodly 8 entries swelled by four eligible MGs.

So, the winner was Steve Thompson who was presented with the SE Centre rosettes which we hand out to the driver as well as the important navigator. All MG award winners will get a permanent trophy at the annual SE Centre prize presentation. The winner of the IRC class was George Pitt in the Humber who got a bottle of champagne as well as the rosettes. And the IRC team prize was won by the MGs There were seven entries in the novice class which was won by Joss Martin with his Riley Kestrel crammed full with four tall blokes!

All in all a good day was had by all with some nice sunny weather to make it better. We had some people coming from as far as Bristol and Towcester, which shows that this event has a lot to offer. Our next Naviscat is being run by Chris Leigh on October 6th,  so don’t miss out on this exciting event.”

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