Spring Naviscat in Hascombe

Plotting the points

The Spring Naviscat will be based at the White Horse pub in Hascombe, Surrey – about 5 miles south of Godalming on Sunday 26th March 2023.

A Naviscat is a friendly and fun navigational event which uses an Ordnance Survey map to plot a number of locations surrounding the pub. The idea is to then visit the locations in your car and find the answer to a clue at those locations. Points vary according to the difficulty of the question and answer and the team with the highest score wins!

We hope to feature a new style of question at this event which will give a higher points score so, look out for that!

Click on the button above to find all the details of the event including what you need in terms of equipment (map, ruler/romer and pencil), licence, location and most importantly – lunch.

Please note that you will need a MotorsportUK RS Clubman licence to take part in this event for the driver and navigator – they are free and can be applied for online and it just takes a minute –RS Clubman Licence

Please complete the form below to register your entry.

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