Firle Hill Climb – MG Display

The Firle Hill Climb consists of a timed climb up the road, known as Bopeep Lane, situated near the village of Selmeston, East Sussex – on a turning off the A27. Each competitor will be permitted two timed runs in addition to practice. In 1966 The Autocar reported: “The hill covers 600 yards, and if the weather is fine the setting is really superb.”

The paddock is located at the bottom of the hill with the finish close to the car park indicated on the map above Bopeep Farm.

The MGCCSE is planning a car display in the parking area above the finish. The hill climb event is organized in sections that take approx. 45 minutes to complete. A bus follows the last car up the lane, allowing spectators to switch between the finish and paddock.

The area to the right of the lane is a popular vantage point to view the cars climbing the last part of the lane and finishing. Many spectators sit there all day with a picnic and so on. It is of course just a grass bank; there are no tables or staging.

Ideally MGCC cars would arrive by 09:00 hours as the hill climb event starts soon after this time. MG cars arriving later would have to wait for an opportune moment to gain access to the hill top. Equally cars wishing to leave the hill top or to gain access to the public car park from the hill top would have to follow on behind sections returning to the paddock. Pedestrian access from the hill top to the paddock may only be achieved by using the bus service which is provided.

Facilities at the hill top are limited to two toilet cubicles. All of the facilities are in the paddock. MGCC cars travelling to the hill top would be expected to drive “normally” to the summit and not attempt ad hoc sprints up the hill. Members can enter the event and forms are available on . The organisers would also welcome volunteers for marshaling.

The MG marque has an important and unquestionable role in the history of Firle and the organisers would be delighted to see the MGCC present. There is a good selection of MG cars taking part this year and our display would add admirably to this presence. Representatives of MG this year include: MGA (including a 1956 BMC works car), MGB GT and roadster, Lester MG T51, MG Morris Oxford sports special, M-Type, ND Magnette, P/Q, TA and TD “C”.

The organisers are not charging for the MGCC members cars to attend. We should however make a donation to the sponsored charities.

If you would like to be part of the display please email John Morgan [email protected] or phone on 07802 770025 confirming name, contact details and car model for the display.

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