California Cup & Autosolo at MGLive!

The Chairman having a go in the California Cup MGLive! 2018

The South East Centre has received an invite from Noel Lindford to enter the MGLive! Autosolo who organises the California Cup and Autosolo at MGLive which is reproduced below. If you would like to take part then follow the instructions how to book and it would be great if we could field a South East team too so contact John Morgan and let him know you are entering – mailto: [email protected]

MG Live! 2022 AutoSolo

I am writing to cordially invite members of MGCC South East Centre to take part in the AutoSolo at MG Live! on Sunday 12th June 2022.  This is a Taster event, to encourage novices, younger drivers, and those who may not have entered an AutoSolo before. As such, the event will be run in a relaxed manner, with plenty of guidance and of course a chance to walk the course before each test. It is also open to experienced drivers, so a good chance to see how these guys (and ladies) handle their car around the course. There are several classes to ensure a competitive event.

 Unlike Autotesting, this event is less of a memory test: you drive through or round a sequence of “gates” and turns, consisting of numbered coloured cones in ascending order, with yellow market cones to identify which side to pass, and you do have the option of a navigator in the car, if required. There will be three runs at each course layout, with the best two times to count. Nimble car handling and control count just as much as speed, to set a clean and quick time.

Each test will be no more than a quarter of a mile long, with a duration of less than a minute. All tests will be forwards only, no stop start or reversing with a flying finish

before a final stop astride line where you must stop to collect your marked

timecard. The event is laid out on smooth tarmac and allows for a flowing course.

AutoSolos are very engaging (and FUN) because all competitors are in one of three groups. If group 1 is competing, group 2 will be marshalling (hi-viz tabards provided, plus instructor marshals) and group 3 observing (& learning!) and preparing to drive.

 Cars will be scrutineered from 10:00am on the Sunday morning, and the event will run from 11:00am until 2:30 pm with a mid-point coffee and comfort break. Awards will be presented between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

To download a copy of the Supplementary Regulations, and an Entry Form, visit the MG Live! Motorsport webpage at MG Motorsport at — MGLive! 2022

 The entry fee for the AutoSolo is just £12.00.  Cars need to be presented with a valid MoT, be road legal, “taxed” and insured, and you will need to sign a declaration that you and your car are fit to take part in the event. Don’t forget you will also need a ticket for MG Live!

  Kind regards,

 Event Secretary and Clerk of the Course.

        [email protected]    07432 152095

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