All You Need to Know about E10

At the MGCCSE AGM we were pleased that Mark Gardner could join us from Gulf Oil Race Fuels to speak to us about E10 petrol and how it may affect our classic cars. 

In a nutshell any MG with a K series engine will be fine on E10, anything before should stick to E5 or a specialised fuel, one such as Mark’s company provides. The big problem is classics that do not get used, particualrly in winter hen the fuel sits in the tank, it then separates as well as drawing water vapour to it. There is also a corrosive issue with E10 and Mark discusses all this issues and presents smoe alternatives that would be saer to use in your valuable classic MG.

You can see the entire presentation including questions and comments on our ne YouTube channel by pressing the button below:-

E10 fuel after 20 weeks

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