Regalia Clearance

The club has a small amount of remaining stock of the old regalia items which we are keen to clear. By buying the regalia you are helping the club run the natters and events found throughout the region. They are unlikely to be available in this form again as the committee are looking at a new range of regalia for the future and the way that we sell them to members.

Currently in stock we have:

T shirts L white £10

Sweat Shirts XL Green £21/ M blue £21

Polo Shirts XL Vivid Pink £16

L in Vivid Pink/ maroon/ white/ turquoise/ light pink/ blue (1 each)

M in Green/ black (1 each)

S in Maroon/ orange/ blue (1 each)

Gillet XL Black EEOTY 2014 £10

Caps in Blue/ Black/ Grey /Pink £8

Stock is available by contacting Tony Atcheson at [email protected]

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