Lockdown Greetings from the MGCC South East Centre Committee

Today is the day when the London Marathon usually takes place and today is the day when we would normally be joining other friends from the MGCCSE for a Kentish outing to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  Today is also “National Drive-it Day”, a day to polish up your old MG and exercise it, together with everyone else in the country!  These were our plans before the advent of the terrible coronavirus…

It is now difficult to see how an “essential journey” could take place with a group of open top MGs any day unless all of the drivers were to join the queue at a supermarket at 2 metre intervals and then drive immediately back home again afterwards!

A great deal of meticulous planning and preparation had been undertaken to provide a fantastic selection of events for this year’s MGCCSE Calendar.  Please be assured that your Committee is watching the situation unfold and that as soon it is safe we will start to rearrange events again, even if this means that the special social-distancing rules have to be respected.  We certainly look forward to seeing a lot of superbly polished and incredibly well-maintained MGs as soon as we get the go-ahead but we are not optimistic that the restrictions will go in the near future.

On the bright side, an increasing number of MGCCSE Natters and Wanderers are now using Zoom internet software to enable their meetings to continue by multiple member video link.  Some of our leaders have been very creative with Virtual Lunches, Virtual Talks, Virtual Navigational Rallies and Virtual Quizzes.  Lockdown may be preventing us from using our MGs but the club is alive and well!

Whatever you do Keep Safe!

– Chris Leigh on behalf of the MGCCSE Centre Committee

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