Spring Brooklands Events

South East Centre Members might be interested in attending 2 MG friendly Events at Brooklands Museum, – March and April – 2018.

British Marques Day

Firstly British Marques Day – (Formerly Austin /Morris Day – now expanded to include all British makes  – owned and built by British Manufacturers ).

All MG’s are invited. SUNDAY MARCH 4th.

There are discounted advance tickets available, please download the form HERE or from the calendar entry.

MG Era

Secondly – MG Era – which you’ll find in the SEC Event Calendar, this year featuring the 60th Anniversary of The MGA TWIN CAM – launched at The Chobham Test Track in August 1958.

Uniquely the first and last Production cars still exist, the last still with its original owner!

Strenuous efforts are being made to get both cars to MG Era. At least 2 Twin Cams are owned by SEC Members – if you have one, please come and be part of the Central Paddock display.

The SEC Gazebo will be in a prominent position and ready to sell you our Centre Merchandise! – SUNDAY APRIL 8th.

If you haven’t been to Brooklands recently, big changes, with the restoration and relocation of the WW2 Factory Hangar, freeing up the pristine concrete of the original Race Track Start/Finish line

And the completion of the new Flight Centre. Tickets for both days include entry to the new exhibits and all the Museum attractions will be open.

If you fancy showing off in low gear – not SEC Sweat Shirts! – The Test Hill will be open on both days.

Advance tickets are available by downloading the form HERE, discounted tickets are only for MGA Twin Cam display cars and are available with the form HERE. Both forms are also available in the calendar entry.


Finally, your SEC contact for both Events is Jon Glover – he would love to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer their Twin Cam or indeed MGC, for display at MG Era.

Contact Email – [email protected]

Committee Member JOHN DAVIES is your contact if you’d like to help out on the SEC stand – again for MG Era.

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