Malcolm Nicholls MGBGT V8

This story is as told by the MGBGT V8 to its current owner, Malcolm NIcholls  – UPO 767N– MY STORY

I was assembled (or born as you humans would say) in April 1974 at the MG factory in Abingdon and who would have thought that here I am 46 years later still going strong. I looked splendid in my new livery of citron yellow with black interior with a 3.5 litre Rover aluminium alloy engine producing 137 BHP.

In August 1974 I was sent to the Wadham Stringer showrooms in Chichester and given my West Sussex registration number. Priced at £2,294 I soon attracted a buyer and my home became Home Farm Cottages in Cholesbury, Bucks. Two years later in March 1976 I was sold so went to Teddington where I resided for another two years. But, horror of horrors, I was traded-in to the local MG garage in Twickenham and sold on to a new owner who lived in Marble Arch who kept me for another 2 years.

In 1980 I was sold again this time remaining in London in Peckham then moving again to Brentford Dock with my existing owner. In 1982 I was acquired by a new owner in Wimbledon but this was not a happy time as he sold me after 5 months and I went to live in Slough.

For some reason, of which I am not quite sure I was bought by a gentleman who lived in Solihull who moved later to Grantham in Lincolnshire. However, I must have been well-liked because I resided with him for 8 years.

My chequered movements continued in 1994 when I was sold again and this time went to live in Ramsgate, Kent. By 2005 I was looking somewhat shabby and was rescued by a Director of a local company who wanted me as his company car. I was sent to Maidstone Sports Cars for a complete refurbishment and my colour was changed to British Racing Green. At the end of this I felt completely rejuvenated, however, my joy was short-lived as a change in circumstances meant I was sold on again and at the end of 2008 I found myself in the yard of Fishers MG Garage in Sydenham. Luckily for me, I was spotted by my current owner who after some hesitation and persuasion from his son eventually decided that I was the car for him and a deal was done. So I went to live with him in Sanderstead in January 2009 and have stayed there ever since!

We have been all over the country to various MG events and even to France and Belgium. So here I am, all my needs are met, servicing and repairs carried out, and a current MOT to boot. I even live in a nice warm garage. What more could an MGB GT V8 require?